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Four Shows That Nail Men’s Office Style Right Now

What we watch increasingly affects what we wear in the era of Peak TV. Perhaps it’s because on-demand binging takes our lives hostage: We live in the characters’ lives we follow, so why not dress like them? Call it Stockholm Style Syndrome. From the Dad Shirts of Euphoria to the frills of Bridgerton the clothes on the characters we love find their way into our closets. And the studios, directors and costume departments are well aware of their influence. No surprise then that the workplace makes for good tv and good style inspiration. So whether you’re looking for heir-wear (Succession, The Crown) or just plain old cubicle cool (Industry, Severance) our handy style guide has your new 9-5 vibe.

The Crown: The 90's Suit Returns

In his tailored double-breasted suits, Dominic West plays the awkward but always elegantly dressed Prince Charles with precision. We love the boxy suit jackets, pleated pants, crisp colored shirts, power-printed ties and playful pocket squares that reigned supreme in the late 80s and early 90s. We didn’t realize how much we missed the 90s power suit but all hail its return—perfect for a formal event or workplace.

Industry: Up All Night, Work All Day

Harry Lawtey’s character Robert Spearing in the BBC drama, Industry is a hard-partying yet ambitious young trader who goes from work, to cocktail hour, to the club, and straight back to the office once the sun comes up. Adorably disheveled and a little bit preppy, Robert makes the office suit cool with a (somewhat wrinkled) lightweight black or grey suit, a light blue button down (usually unbuttoned) and an oxford shoe.  

Succession: Heir-wear

Work at an architect firm, or on the floor of a J.Crew men’s boutique or just an heir to one of the largest family fortunes on the planet? Then Roman Roy is your style North Star. Flat-fronts that are just a smidge too tight and too short, buttons that work over time, rolled up above the elbow are the style hallmarks of Kieran Culkin’s icky-funny character in Succession. Style this look a little looser and we love it.

Severance: Cubicle Cool

Mark S. from Severance really doesn’t care about his day job, so much so that he elected to work for a sinister company in a zombie-state. But this is an Apple + show and design is the brand, so what’s a costume designer to do? It’s all in the details: A clean grey suit with great tailoring, a perfectly pressed white button down, a subtly printed tie, and a black leather shoe is the fail-safe way to execute a work look that is impeccable and forgettable all at the same time. 

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