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50 Summer Outfits

Summer is here, and while some of us are so excited to ditch the complexities of winter layers, the rest of us are dreading the thought of finding the most fashionable way to beat the heat. Regardless of how you’re feeling, we’ve got you covered with these summer outfits. We’ll show you all kinds of looks (hint: each line is an outfit) perfect for a casual weekend, a night out, a beach day, a few hours in the office, or a summer wedding. We’ve kept it simple: 5 categories, 4 items per look, 50 outfits, endless possibilities for whatever you’re getting dressed to do. 

A Casual Weekend

Casual doesn’t have to mean “dressed down” with low effort or basic outfits. We believe in elevated casual looks: Whether you’re spending your weekend running errands or meeting up with friends. 

A Beach Day

Perfect for a lay by the pool or a dip in the ocean, these ten outfits will up your swimsuit game in no time. From crochet skirts and statement sunnies to patterned swimsuits and bucket hats, there are options for everyone. 

A Few Hours in the Office

Even if your just popping in the office for a few hours to send those last few emails before the weekend, push yourself to consciously style a look for the office; As a courtesy to you dear reader, each of these looks also goes out for cocktails post-work.

A Night Out

A spring night out on the town calls for an elevated, bright, and bold outfit. Here, you have the most wiggle room to play: there’s no strict dress code, and no set of rules to follow. Find your limits, and push them. Stick with a macthing set if you’re feeling the need to play it safe, or throw on a chunky statement necklace for a bit more daring. 

A Summer Wedding

Here are a couple of our favorite tips to take all the stress out of getting dressed up for a wedding: a big earring, bauble or necklace is always a good idea, color-coordinating is a powerful statement maker and don’t be afraid to play with prints. 

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