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Trend We Love: Bright, Candy-Colored Sweaters

The first item of clothing I think about when fall rolls around is sweaters, and admittedly I jump the gun a little: I wear them over my bathing suit in the evenings on the beach when it starts to get chilly, I put them with shorts and sandals. It’s my favorite clothing transition of the year. Summer but better–I’m a sweater girl for sure. I love a neutral oversized version in a cable-knit or ribbed turtleneck but lately I’ve been branching out. I’m starting to think of my sweater game like I do my sizable t-shirt collection. And while I love a super white tee or tank top for layering, my tees are sometimes the star of the show: graphic, colored t-shirts, Depop and church rummage-sale beloved scores. And recently, I’ve started to think of my sweaters the same way:  colorful, graphic and something I dress around, not just a cozy, neutral basic.

Here are my favorites for fall. Let the stripes, and strong colors rule. And layer them like a neutral, with a bomber, a trench and with a favorite pair of jeans. Fall is so colorful this year and there are dozens to choose from.

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