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How to Lounge in Style: Take it From me, I’m a College Student

From wide leg pants to sherpa jackets and chunky sneakers, these outfits will make the pain of studying a little bit easier. My take on college day-to-day outfits involve the perfect layering techniques, color combinations, and necessary accessories to make college stylish and on-trend.

Post-Gym Fit

Gym clothes turned class uniform. The perfect pieces to make it look like you didn’t just come from the gym. 

Let's Transition to Spring

Adding color back into my wardrobe is necessary once it hits 60 degrees, and these pink sweats are the perfect item. 

Gimme All the Neutrals

Styling bold colors can sometimes be daunting. Good thing we got this neutral outfit just for you.

Oversized Galore

Trust me, I don’t always feel like wearing crop tops either. These pieces will make oversized look put together in no time. 

The "I Feel like Dressing Up" without dressing up fit

Jeans may be taking it too far, but throw on a sweater and you’re the dressiest one in class.

Pajamas to Class

Still sleeping for your 8am? I’ve got you covered. This outfit will make it feel like you never took your pjs off.

It's Fall Time

Jean jackets define the start of fall. This outfit will make the walk to your late night club meeting a little warmer when the temperature drops.

I Just Want to be Comfortable

Long day of classes, meetings, and studying? Make an outfit feel like your not even wearing clothes with these items.

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