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Daisy Jones & The Six Shop Out

Courtesy of Daisy Jones and The Six Instagram

Daisy Jones & The Six is a documentary style fictional story following the rock band’s rise to fame and abrupt split at their height. Through the band members POV’s 20 years after the split, they divulge what exactly happened in the 70’s. Produced by Reese Witherspoon’s production company, Hello Sunshine, they have taken on the task of creating the TV series adaptation of the book written by Taylor Jenkins Reid. Costume designer Denise Wingate took inspiration from 70’s icons while still allowing the characters to have their own identifiable personal style. After much analysis, here’s what you can wear to capture each characters essence. 

Daisy Jones

Courtesy of Prime Video Instagram

Daisy Jones is the poster child of the band. She was brought in to be the final touch for the band  that was initially just The Six. A free spirit who’s style is completely her own but with notable influence from Stevie Nicks, her personality is further enhanced through her wardrobe. Her carefree demeanor makes her style so interesting with her big hoops, variety of boots, and an eye for sparkles, its everything you would expect from the co-lead singer of Daisy Jones & The Six. She catches everyones eye wether she can help it or not. 

Billy Dunne

Courtesy of Prime Video Instagram

Billy Dunne loves a good denim shirt and jeans combo, or a band tee with a leather jacket. Theres really no in between for him. Being the lead singer of The Six, his position is slightly undermined by the interruption of Daisy Joining the band. Billy wrote all of the music for the band and now has to learn how to share the limelight and continue to battle through the ups and downs of his stardom. 

Camila Dunne

Courtesy of Prime Video Instagram

Camila Dunne, wife of Billy Dunne, has a kind and enduring heart, facing all of Billy’s challenges alongside him. Though not a member of the band, she is so intertwined within the story that she practically is. She is highly feminine in her wardrobe and gravitates towards bohemian style. She wears loose and floral dresses along side flowy tops. She loves to style long dresses and skirts paired with a cute wedge or leather boot. 

Graham Dunne

Courtesy of Prime Video Instagram

Graham Dunne plays guitar for The Six. As the brother of Billy Dunne, they have the ups and downs like all siblings do. Graham seems to love a good knit polo and corduroy combo or a floral button-up with a classic pair of flare jeans. 

Eddie Roundtree

Courtesy of Prime Video Instagram

Eddie Roundtree is also a guitarist for Daisy Jones & The Six. He seems to like to keep his style classy with a pair of shades, a blazer over a button up and a casual pair of dark jeans.

Karen Sirko

Courtesy of Prime Video Instagram

Karen Sirko is the keyboardist of the band. She’s close friends with Camila and always protective. She’s headstrong and is a female force in the rock and roll world. She seems to prefer darker looks, sparkles, and good accessories, wether its a choker or a statement jacket. 

Warren Rhodes

Courtesy of Prime Video Instagram

Warren Rhodes is the bands drummer. He prefers to skip a shirt and wear a vest wide open. Though, when a shirt is necessary he’ll pair a button up (wide open of course) over a tank top. He loves his accessories always sporting one (or two) highly decorated jackets, a pair of sunglasses, a belt, and a necklace to top it all.

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