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Date Night: From Demure to Drop-dead Sexy

Whether it’s your first date, your fifth date, or sometime in the space-time continuum of an ongoing relationship, Date Night is no excuses night. You must make some kind of effort. To make it a little easier, follow our guide below to tweak your style based on your mood, from cool, demure looks perfect for a day date or a sublime moment at the local pizza joint, to all-out hot for a large night out. 

1. Cool Girl

For this look, we love these pieces with a slight edge; our picks have a touch of sexy but still leave a lot to the imagination. Go for cute, but not dramatic, shoes; classic trousers and statement tops for a first coffee meet-cute, or your 1000th date with your husband.

2. Getting Warmer

Whether you’ve been seeing this person for a while, and you’re ready to take things up a notch or you want a little newness to liven things up with a long-term partner, this heat level is right in the middle. The heels on your boots might get a little higher, the fabrics a little more sheer and you might be putting on a skirt with a slit instead of the pants you usually wear. 

3. Hot, Hot, Hot!

If things are getting serious, or you want to remind the world how hot you are, this collection is for you. Here, hemlines go from maxi to mini, low heels swap for stilettos, crop tops and all things strappy, sheer, and shiny are your aces.

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