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Dress Like Sofia Richie

Courtesy of @Sofiarichiegrainge on Instagram

It seems like no matter what social media platform I’m scrolling through these days, my feed is saturated with Sofia Richie content. Clearly, it’s for good reason, as her newfound sense of style seems to be initiating an industry-wide shift away from short-lived trendy styles, and towards a more polished and timeless look. It’s wild to look back on how she dressed when dating Scott Disick, especially after all of the never-ending wedding content that’s come from her marriage to Elliot Grange. She’s now opting for Chanel over sequin catsuits, ballet flats over bustiers, and tweeds over itty bitty tops. Her mastery of all things chic has enchanted us all, and proven that it is very much possible to achieve sexy with staple pieces: it’s all in the way you style things. If you’re looking to level up your summer wardrobe with breezy knits, strappy sandals, and tasteful minis, look no further. 

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