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Everyone’s Dressing Like Their Grandad, and Here’s Why

Photo by Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

“Pain before fashion,” they say. To put it simply, we couldn’t disagree more. If you’re frequently buying liners, moleskin, and gel insoles for that one pair of sneakers you’ve been convincing yourself that you’ll “break in” one day, we say stop. The days of suffering pain for the sake of an outfit are over, and our fix to this problem, starts with picking up the phone, and asking your grandpa for fashion advice. You should pick up a pair of those chunky New Balances, Asics, or Nikes that he’s had for years, and likely owns multiple pairs of, if you’re like us, and are ready to prioritize a balance between comfort and fashion. To all of the Grandads, Pop Pops, Grumps’, Papas, Grampies, Poppys, and Grandpas out there, we say thank you. 

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