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Everything You Need to Achieve Coastal Cowgirl Chic

Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Heineken

Ready or not, TikTok has decided that this summer’s hottest star trend will be #CoastalCowgirl. With over 7 billion views on TikTok, it’s an evolution on Coastal Grandma’s, effortlessly-cool-but-classy vibe, just mix in cowboy boots, lots of denim, turquoise, a white button down shirt (preferably tied at the waist) and pearls. Cowboy hat optional. Wear a long summer dress with boots and turquoise accessories, or pair a linen button down over a tiny tank with denim shorts, sandals, and a bandanna tied over your hair. It’s the perfect look for an easy to transition from day to night, from grocery store to a dinner out, or even from a beach day to a concert.

Pick Your Base

Find the key elements to begin building your coastal cowgirl looks. Blend coastal pieces (linens, beachy hues, and flowy dresses) with cowgirl pieces  (all things denim and tiny tanks).



Add Your Accessories

Now, add your choice of accessories, coastal with pearls, sunglasses, sandals, and bracelet stacks, or cowgirl with a western boot, bandana, turquoise jewelry, or cowboy hat. Whatever look you’ve started with your coastal cowgirl bases, complement your look with accessories. Select your accessories to balance out your choice of bases. If your base is heavily coastal, have your accessories lean more cowgirl. If your bases are fairly equal between the use of coastal and cowgirl pieces, mix up your accessories. Add a cowboy boot and add some pearls, or a bandana and some sleek sandals. 



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