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Get Summer Ready: The Kardashian Swimwear Shop

When it comes to swimwear, no one does it quite like the Kardashian/Jenner clan. Their pictures are hot, but the bathing suit trends they set are even hotter, and have us questioning if our bathing suit game is strong enough for spring break this year. If you too are feeling like it’s time to level up, here’s the perfect place to start. Kim, Kylie, Kourtney, Khloe, and Kendall are already showing off this season’s hottest swimwear trends, and it’s time to hop on board before you miss the boat. 


Courtesy of @kimkardashian on Instagram

Kim is living proof that a little black bikini is a wardrobe staple that’s just as important as a little black dress.  The key with the LBB is to experiment with accessories and styling techniques; Kim usually opts for a belly chain and some boxy shades. Clean lines, a solid color, and the perfect fit are the three required ingredients in Kim K’s recipe for a perfect spring break, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll be following suit. 


Courtesy of @kyliejenner on Instagram

Clearly, there’s a direct correlation between Kylie’s flashy aesthetic, and her taste in swimwear. Bring on the glitz and glam, and bust out something shiny, sparkly, or reflective for spring break this year. The metallic sheen allows you to achieve that fresh-out-of-the-water look all day long, so if you don’t see yourself jumping in the water, then this trend is for you. 


Courtesy of @kourtneykardash on Instagram

Kourtney is our one-piece queen. She always manages to find the perfect balance between modesty and sexiness, and proves that a one piece is the intersection where of fashion meets function. She’s big on neutrals; anything ranging from beige-y earth tones to punchy blacks seem to be her area of expertise. Kourt teaches us to shatter our expectations of what a one piece swimsuit is, push the limits of what it has to be, and redefine what it means to bring personal style to everything. 


Courtesy of @Khloekardashian on Instagram

If you ever see Khloe in a bathing suit, chances are, it’ll be high waisted. She tends to stick to the more classic silhouettes, like the 90’s scoop neck one piece, or the triangle bikini top, but one thing always remains the same: the suits: waistline runs high above her hips. There’s truly no better way to elongate the leg, emphasize curves, or take a risk when it comes to spring break attire. 


Courtesy of @Kendalljenner on Instagram

Kendall is big on brights and prints. While to some of us spring break represents the halfway point in a semester or the start of a new season, to others, it’s a reminder that summer is right around the corner, and quickly approaching. What better way to get in the summer spirit than with the most colorful and vibrant bikinis you can get your hands on? Kenny may have set the bar high, but we challenge you to take a step outside your comfort zone, and ask yourself, “what would Kendall Jenner do?” next time your out swimwear shopping. 

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