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His & Hers Romance Shopout

Photo by James Devaney/GC Images

We are Tyler and Cierra, Shoptrue Stylists. As two people in their 20s, here are some things we know as fact. #1: The moment you either are asked on a date or someone agrees to a date with you, is thrilling beyond description. #2: The very next moment is when reality sets in: “What am I going to wear?”  While we can’t help with #1, we are here for you, from a girl and a guy perspective for #2. Right now we are both loving dark overtones and vibrant under tones with some eye-catching accessories for a look that is overall sexy and not over-the-top. To get the look, try a black outer layer (a bomber or long coat for her, a blazer or overcoat for him), then choose one item to shine in a deep, jewel-tone color or metallic (a top for her, a tie or tee for him) then keep the rest black. The effect is assertive and sophisticated but still deftly subtle.

Her Side

His Side

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