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How To Dress Like King James

Image via @kingjames on Instagram

You may know Le’bron James for his 4 championship titles, his athletic wear or even his acting career. But it’s time you get introduced to the NBA all time highest scorer’s sense of style. Check out three of King James’s best looks and tips on how you can try this at home.

Image Via @kingjames Instagram

When it’s time to get dressed, really dressed, Le’bron often goes to this black on black suit and button-down shirt look. Three-pointer: accessorize with a lapel pin.

Via GettyImages

Another heavy repeat look is a cropped pant, a light, layering jacket and a simple white tee. Three pointer: Le’bron loves a statement sock. Yes, a statement sock, it’s a thing.

Via GettyImages

The batik print on denim, the joggers, the classic white sneakers: the man has impeccable style. Wear this look on a Saturday while getting your life done. Three pointer: Accessories! Satchels, bracelets, necklaces, sunglasses, beanies, pocket squares. He always takes his looks to the next level with small details.

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