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Kate Hudson’s All-Time Best Looks On Screen

Photo: Netflix

“How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” is simply one of the most iconic romantic comedy to date. So, it is no surprise that Kate Hudson’s movie character, Andie Anderson, is stylish and chic. Andie paved the way to teach girls how to dress for a fantasy, girl-boss lifestyle. Her wardrobe has stood the test of time by brining in influential elements from the early 2000s that are timeless.

Outfit 1: Simply Iconic

Courtesy of Paramount/Everett Collection

Such is the power of this silky yellow dress with a dipped back, which is so amazing it made the movie poster. Of course, Andie was accessorized or “got frosted” with a yellow diamond necklace worth five million dollars. Yet, as a simple girl, Andie turned the heads of all genders at the sight of this dress.


Outfit 2: Weekend-ing

Courtesy of Paramount/Everett Collection

Andie styles a white tube top with a flowering midi skirt to meet Matthew McConaughey’s character, Ben, parents. Not only does this outfit encapsulate the perfect summer’s day, but can also add flirty and on-the-go to one’s entire vibe.


Outfit 3: Perfect for a Motorcycle Ride

Courtesy of Paramount/Everett Collection

You can never go wrong with a plane white tee and jeans. As proven throughout the years, these basics in your closet can do you no wrong. There is no need for “try-hard-looks” when Andie put basic pieces together and managed to win over her dream man. Nothing says classic, chill, and trendy like this outfit.

Outfit 4: The Working Girl

Courtesy of Paramount/Everett Collection

Andie’s workwear is classic and chic as shown by this button-up and pencil skirt combo. Andie is a writer for the women’s magazine Composure as the expert for “How to” articles. And she truly knows how to work in style.


Outfit 5: Dinner Party

Photo: Netflix

Starring Kate Hudson as Birdie Jay in the new hit movie “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery,” Hudson portrays an iconic outfit touching into her wild side. Her fun, spunky, and colorful long silk dress proves that it is possible to take risks in fashion while still looking classic and chic. Hudson proves that a simple piece of clothing can speak hundreds of words.


Outfit 6: First Impression

Photo: Netflix

Birdie Jay turned heads when reuniting with her friends at the doc. Her loud dress paired with a floppy hat was mysterious yet bold. Kate Hudson was able to bring personality to these outfits but adding a bold lip and big jewelry.


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