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How To: Style Vests

Vests remain in vogue due to their remarkable versatility. Whether worn alone, layered with other pieces, or as part of a suit, they offer countless styling possibilities and have become a wardrobe essential. Allow me to guide you through five ways to incorporate vests into your outfits, enabling you to channel the same fashion confidence as the Hadid sisters.


For a basic and everyday look, simply wear your vest as a standalone piece or layer it over a plain baby tee or bandeau. Complete the ensemble with a pair of your go-to jean shorts to achieve a casual, laid-back vibe. Enhance the overall outfit by accessorizing with a matching bag. To add a wow factor to this relaxed look, consider including another current trend such as a pair of sleek ballerina flats.


This particular look is sure to catch the attention of onlookers, inspiring even the youngest fashion enthusiasts. First, select a unique and vibrant utility vest to act as the centerpiece of your outfit. Pair it with a plain mom jean to add some contrast. To ensure focus stays on the vest, layer it with a simple baby tee, allowing the option to wear it open as a jacket. Complete this look by selecting a pair of sneakers that complements with the color scheme of your vest.


When you look your best, you’re bound to perform at your best! Elevate your simple white button-down by adding a tasteful vest to the mix. Pair this combination with well-fitting trousers that emphasize your silhouette. Incorporate a statement jewelry piece that adds a touch of your personality. To complete the look, don’t forget to slip on your lucky loafers. You’ll be sure to impress your coworkers with your intelligence and admirable style.


Whether you’re running errands, exploring the city, or enjoying brunch with your friends, every occasion is an opportunity to showcase your personal runway. For an effortless yet eye-catching look, select your most striking vest to be the center of attention. Layer it over a causal dress to add a relaxed vibe to the outfit. To enhance the overall appeal, accessorize with trending pieces such as a bag with a pop of color or your latest pair of chic sunglasses. 


Whoever said vests can’t radiate sexiness? Embrace your curves and allure by opting for a form-fitting or leather vest that accentuates your figure. Complement the vest with a coordinating mini skirt to create an attention-grabbing look. To amplify the effect, accessorize with a sleek bag and your favorite pair of heels, allowing your legs to take center stage. Prepare for jaws to drop as you confidently make your entrance.

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