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Hunger Games Fashion: Capitol Versus Casual

Image Curtesy of Lionsgate​

Like the rest of TikToklandia, we are having a resurgence of our old Hunger Games obsession. And while the character’s styles are only a small piece of how the books and movies illustrate suppression, the juxtaposition between the Capitol and everyday looks is a very powerful part of the story. So, if you want your clothing to be a nod toward your favorite young adult dystopian trilogy, look no further. 

The Capitol

In the movies we get to see the outlandish outfits of the Capitol citizens come to life. The wildly over-the-top luxury clearly emphasize the wealth divide between the Capitol and the districts. The ruling class’s clothing isn’t functional which (true to history in general) flaunts that  physical work any of kind is not part of their lives. While the oppressive nature of the Capitol is quite complex, let’s keep it light and agree that the looks are fun. If you want a more wearable look, inspired by the Capitol, shop below. 

Everyday Katniss

When you think of Katniss Everdeen’s fashion you may think of her reaping look or the fiery looks she sports in the Capitol. If you want to channel your inner Katniss in a more wearable way, we have you covered. We love these looks for a day out in the city or when you want to own the meeting you are leading. 

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