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Mens: 10 Style Essentials to Achieve Peak Wardrobe

Every season we like to rethink our basic wardrobe. For Spring/Summer this means prints on shirts and bucket hats. A trimmer bathing trunk, some good old classic khakis and jeans and decidedly non-hyped sneakers. This Peak Wardrobe collection will serve you well and give you dozens of options from Memorial Day backyard BBQs to long days at the beach.

1. An out of your comfort zone print top

It’s really easy to wear, will get you miles of respect and will always get the conversation started. Just be ready to have a modest/pithy comeback to “Hey, nice shirt!” Make it work with any of the pants here and follow the simple rule: Pattern on top, solid on the bottom.

2. Nice, plain pants

Like we said above. Keep it simple down below. And sometimes in warmer weather jeans are just too hot and your style could use a break from them. We included khakis and cargos.

3. Sunglasses in throwback styles

Aviators and Wayfarers never go out of style and always look just right. Watch the fit, and wear. it’s a new season, splurge on one of these and have them fitted so they stay exactly in place.

4. A simple, clean jacket

We kept to the classics here, zip front, mechanics jackets that are long on function and short on tricky graphics or embellishments. Cargo pockets, button-tab collars in solid colors keep 

5. The un-drop sneakers

Work against the herd by wearing just a pair of sneakers. No bells, whistles, week’s pay or line camping here. These picks are the classics–the ones we keep coming back to.

6. Walk shorts

We like the surfer’s dual approach to summer style. Baggies for surfing and walk shorts for pizza. The slightly shorter length on these looks crisp, perfect for your new print top.

7. A fun and functional bucket hat

Nothing herald summer like a bucket hat. We love the print on some of these, but if solid’s your thing, no judgement. Note we are not as magnanimous in other areas of head gear: The baseball cap no longer cuts it.

8. Swim trunks with just a little something

Avoid extremes on either side with your swim trunks. Too short or too long feels creepy or sloppy, respectively. We like the slightest pattern, nothing too bold.

9. An elevated watch

There’s got to be some life milestone coming your way: graduation, new job, baby, decade birthday. Find that big event and buy yourself a baller watch.

10. Any riff on the 501 jean

No skinnies, black, appliqués or rips, although any flair is always appreciated–just not here. For the Peak Wardrobe/Go Anywhere vibe, you gotta stick to the original. 

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