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Men’s Spring Trends: What To Wear Now

Spring has returned and it brought with it some new and some old trends! This spring it’s all about maintaining style and comfort, but using different genres of fashion in order to so. We’ll help you figure out just what to wear so you can be in style this season.

Cargo pockets on everything

Shorts, vests, pants, shorts, jackets: if you can wear it, it may as well have a big, square pocket on it–think of all the storage options. Here in army, camo, hazard orange, are our favorites.

Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are perfect for nice weather, when you need that extra layering piece to help compliment your outfit. Choose a jacket color to match a small piece of your outfit.

Wide-fit pants

For a long time we have been stuck in the slim/skinny fit era of pants, but not any more. Wide fitting pants are perfect for any shirt and jacket, make sure to pair them with some comfortable shoes.

Bucket Hats

You can’t go anywhere without seeing a bucket hat. The perfect compliment to a outfit that brings so much fun to getting dressed.


When you think of a blazer you probably attach it to a professional setting but that doesn’t have to always be the case. A blazer with some wide fit pants can create a cozy, yet intricate look.

Running shoes

When going out, nothing is worse than uncomfortable shoes. With running shoes you can remain stylish and comfortable simultaneously and they don’t even have to perfectly match your outfit in terms of color, in order to go with it.

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