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Six Celebs Who Define Men’s Style

Follow along for a master class on men’s style taught by six celebrities who always seem to get it right. (From left: Victor Cruz, Jonah Hill, Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Ryan Gosling and Dwayne Wade). 

Jonah Hill: The Art of Mellow

Jonah Hill is the guy who’s always dressed one degree below fashion victim—a sweet spot he owns where he can be a style icon without looking like he’s trying too hard. It’s really quite genius. And here’s his trick, take one or two basic, grounded, normcore items such as the gray suit and plain sneakers, above in the photo, and blow it out with a fabulous, retro, over-the-top polo in different colors. 

Victor Cruz: Clash Act

We might be most familiar with him in a blue and red jersey, but Victor Cruz’s street style shows that he has game on and off the field. Cruz’s style secret is wearing clashing patterns and colors. To recreate this look, start with a monochrome top and pants (just pieces that are in the same color but don’t worry about matching it exactly) then add a patterned jacket over in the same general hue.

Ryan Gosling: Color Co-ord

Gosling has mastered the art of masculine preppy pastels. For this spring-perfect look (think weddings and graduations) get yourself some separates in a color range instead of the traditional suit. Gosling’s pastels are a perfect blend—the look feels put-together like a suit but so much more fun.

Dwayne Wade: Minimal Effect

When in doubt, stick with minimal and crisp black and white. Cutting out the complexities of color is truly the easiest way to go about dressing up, especially when you probably already have a wardrobe full of black and white. Clean lines and fine tailoring will help you go that extra mile. 

David Beckham: Performance Basics

David Beckham has developed a style that is sport/street style at its best: Joggers, jackets and sneakers kept to a clean, simple palette of grays, navies and blacks.

Brad Pitt: The Master of Unstudied Style

What’s better than a denim-clad Brad? All you need to achieve this look is a chambray shirt, and your favorite pair of old, tattered blue jeans. Bonus points for accessorizing with a great watch and aviators, but baby steps!

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