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Men’s Workout Wardrobe by Discipline

Everyone gets their athletic fix in different ways. Whether you enjoy spending time training at the gym, or watching the game on your couch, we’ve got you covered. And if you are thinking about picking up something new 2023, use these outfits as your inspiration.


Lightweight and breathable technical fabrics that can layer are key for year-long use.


Shoes are the most important part of lifting. A flat-soled sneaker is a perfect way to remain stable. Your clothing should retain heat, and make you sweat for the optimal burn, so hoodies are a great choice. 


In order to play the part on the court, you’ve got to look it. Use these pieces to dress like an ace regardless of your experience level. 


When working to find inner peace, stick to comfortable clothing. Tighter shirts are better for positions where you may end up upside-down. 


HIIT classes are go, go, go. Dress with movement in mind so you don’t have to adjust your clothing in between movements. 

The Armchair Quarterback:

Matching sets and slides are perfect for rest day/game day.

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