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Editor Intel: How To Pattern Mix All of Spring’s Best Trends

This season has such an abundance of patterns and colors that we felt we should put them all in a blender and see how it would come out. We applied a few rules which we’ll explain. Use this as inspiration and a guide to mixing your own combos. Here’s how this works: every grouping of 4 we styled to go together. When you scroll through the collection notice how the patterns mixing is more important than whether or not the items work (for instance there might be 2 pairs of shoes in a foursome) . We wanted to prio the pattern play instead of the outfit. One big rule to keep in mind when styling patterns together is to use the same rules as monochromatic dressing, meaning stick to the same predominant color family and then any print pairing should work. We do not consider it against the rules to throw in a bright solid color. If you want to add more colors then keep the prints more similar. For instance a small floral can work in different color schemes if all the prints are small florals with a unifying color (such a black background). Pro tip: black and white stripes are always good for an extra shot of graphic contrast.

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