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Pick Your Fav TV Duo

Courtesy of BINGE/HBO

Were you ever completely obsessed with the outfits you saw on your fav show? Did you ever wish to recreate the iconic looks of television’s famous duos? If the answer is yes, we’ve got you covered. It is time to make these looks come to life as we take a glimpse into some of the most epic TV duos. From Mia and Lucia’s Italy makeover to Monica and Rachel’s early 2000s wardrobe, there is a duo to satisfy just about everyone’s preferences. 

Serena & Blair

Photo by Arnaldo Magnani/Getty Images

From lavish parties to couture shopping, Serena and Blair have the ideal Upper West Side wardrobe. Wearing ballet flats, pleated skirts, or designer bags, this iconic bestie duo is the spitting image of Manhattan’s elite style.

Serena Van Der Woodsen

Blair Waldorf

Maddy & Cassie

Courtesy of Euphoria on YouTube

Mix edgy rocker chick with the highschool sweatheart to be the famous stars that Maddy and Cassie are. They may have polar opposite styles, but they sure do make an epic duo when their outfits come together. Rhinestones, colors, matching sets and all, Maddy and Cassie are totally epic.

Maddy Perez

Cassie Howard

Lucia & Mia

Courtesy of BINGE/HBO

Mia and Lucia have absolutely killed it in the latest season of The White Lotus. From mixed patterns and bold colors to feathers and crochet, this duo has an outfit for just about everyone. Take inspo from these two outfits to make your Italy wardrobe ready for this summer. 



Cher & Dionne

Photo Courtesy of CBS via Getty Images

Cher and Dionne’s style made Clueless into the legendary movie that we know today. Their outfits had teenage girls practically drooling over the TV screen. Whether it were plaid pant suits or timeless midi dresses and kitten heels, they knew exactly how to win the crowd over with their unforgettable looks.



Monica & Rachel

Photo Courtesy of NBC

Comfortable and simple is the definition of Monica and Rachel’s wardrobe on Friends. These best friends are the epitome of the early 2000s. With basics in your closet you can easily recreate both of their outfits within no time.  



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