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Shoptrue is a fashion discovery company. It's a consumer-facing fashion marketplace that combines AI-driven personal recommendations with taste-driven shopping.  Shoptrue gives every shopper her own one stop personal shopTM that makes it easy to get only what you loveTM; a singular destination where shoppers can explore thousands of leading brands, curated to each shopper’s personal style, brands, fit, and size; get taste-driven style inspiration from stylists, tastemakers, and peers; and ultimately build and share their own shops (collections) reflective of their personal style POV, brands, fit and size. It has developed powerful insights and unique capabilities to help match people to relevant brands and styles, and change the way the world buys and sells clothes. You can also learn more about us here.

We use information you provide us such as what your style personality is, the occasions in your life you shop for (work, the weekends or events), what brands you like to shop, the styles you like to wear, colors you gravitate to and prints you avoid. As you start to interact with our site we can begin to understand what kind of items you like and would want to see more of, and tone back the products that we don’t think you would be interested in. We do all of this in an effort to help you have the most personalized and simplified experience possible, and ultimately to help you find only what you love!

Men’s, Women’s and Unisex apparel and footwear. We will constantly be working to expand our catalog and merchants featured to better serve our customers, including customer segments currently underserved at shoptrue and across the broader fashion ecosystem.

There is no fee for receiving recommendations or to use the service.

You do not need to create a style profile in order to shop, but making one will help us provide personalized product recommendations to you that we’re sure you will love!


True Fit is a partner company who helps make size and fit recommendations at Shopture. True Fit uses the basic information you provide such as height, weight, (optional) age range, and any of your favorite clothes and shoes that you choose to add to your True Fit profile. This information is used to better understand you and how you like your clothes to fit so that True Fit can help us (Shoptrue) further personalize your shopping experience and provide accurate recommendations about your best-fitting size while you shop!

On any product page where fit and size recommendations appear, click on the ‘T’ icon to log into your account and make any changes you see fit. 

To manage your privacy preferences at True Fit, fill out the form on their Privacy page.

True Fit collects basic information such as height, weight, age range and your favorite article of clothing to better understand you and how you like your clothes to fit. That profile information is used to recommend the right size and fit just for you across thousands of brands. 


All products that you can order from Shoptrue are fulfilled by 3rd party retailers and merchants whose products are featured on Shoptrue. Checkout, payment, and order processing is facilitated by our checkout and payment technology partners, including Tipser/Bolt. Tipser/Bolt works with Shoptrue to help us offer you the best possible shopping experience, making it easy to enjoy seamless checkout across one or more merchants within the same transaction. As soon as you have added an item to your shopping bag, we will show you which online retailer the item will be shipped from as well as any corresponding taxes. Fees, or shipping charges when applicable.  Tipser/Bolt is not the seller of the products, but facilitates your order to the respective online retailer (e.g. Ssense) via Bolt. If you have questions about this process or are wondering where your package is, please contact Customer Support.

Delivery times vary from product to product. If you’d like to know how long it will take for items to be delivered to you, check out the product page. There you can find information about the expected delivery time for each product. Shipping policies and time may vary across merchants. You can also find the same information during checkout, before you complete the ordering process.

In many cases nothing at all. We try to cooperate with shops that can offer you free shipping. However, we work with many different online shops to offer you the best possible shopping experience, and shipping costs may be applied to a shop in some instances. You can find the shipping cost of an item displayed on its product detail page. You’ll also be able to find the same information within your shopping bag - i.e. before you complete the ordering process.

At the moment shipping is available only to US addresses.

As soon as you complete your order, you will receive an order confirmation by email. This contains your order number, which you should always have ready in case of questions or problems, as well as a detailed overview of the ordered products, shipping costs, delivery address and the return process. If you still have questions, simply contact Customer Support.


As with any other online shop, you as a customer have the right to return your ordered product within 14 days without giving a reason. Of course, this does not apply if the product description on the ordering process explicitly excludes the return of the product or if the product was personalized for you. This can be the case if the online retailer points out that, for example, they will no longer take back goods that have already been opened or used (e.g. for hygiene reasons). 

If you don’t like the products you ordered, something doesn’t fit, or the product has defects, you can easily send them back directly to the shop that delivered the package. Most of our shop partners include a return label in your package. If this is not the case, you can register your return easily and conveniently via Customer Support. Three clicks later you will receive the return label directly in your mailbox. For all other questions about the returns process, please contact Customer Support via chat or email.


Do you need help with your order or have questions about a product or your delivery? No problem. If your question is not answered here, reach out to Customer Support. Please don’t forget to state your order number and specify your request.

We’d love to hear from you! Please fill out the Contact Us form on this page.


We currently accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express.

Your card will be charged when the order is placed.

Shoptrue does not offer price adjustments for items that go on sale after the order has been placed.

At this time we are unable to apply any discount codes found on the merchant’s website. Any promotions and sales applied on the product by the merchant directly will be applied to the item during the checkout process.

At this time we do not support applying any third party discount plugins and shopping reward programs.

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