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Five Necessities You Must Pack for Your Next Winter Getaway

Photo by Christian Vierig/Getty Images

The struggle is real when trying to fit all all your winter clothes into a suitcase–even for just a weekend getaway. We’ve got you covered. We’ve narrowed it down to five necessities that are a must when packing for your next winter getaway. From beanies to boots; from ski lodge to city streets, our packing guide will take you there.

Let's Start From the top With the Perfect hat

Sherpa, leather, prints, and neutrals make hats not just a staple but a full-on style statement. 

Layer One

Layers give you two upsides: comfort + warmth and styling options galore. No piece in your wardrobe gets it all done better than a turtleneck.

Layer Two

Add a cardigan to your turtleneck and you’re an expert at layering and super cozy.

Your Go-To Jeans

If you don’t already have a favorite everyday pair, here are some of our favorites to choose from. 

Let's Complete the Look

Elevate any winter outfit with a great pair of booties. The key is to pack a pair that are a little more than just your basic style. We love each these to accent your outfit.

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