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Style Squad: Ellis Nyman

Meet Our Style Squad

Hi there! My name is Ellis Nyman and I am a second year majoring in Information Systems, minoring in Mass Communications, and hopefully pursuing my masters in Marketing at the University of Florida. I joined the Style Squad in the fall of 2022. I have immensely enjoyed the opportunity to flex my creativity while writing posts and curating stores. I love fashion, and pop culture, so being able to pull looks from my favorite shows or even trends I am currently loving has been so much fun. Some of my favorite stories I have done are Dress Like You Are Dating Pete Davidson and The White Lotus Style Guide. Being able to provide inspiration for people working to discover their own personal style has been such a joy. I look forward to seeing what’s next! If you want to keep up with me, all of my handles are @ellisnyman. 

Thanks for allowing me to express my love of fashion!

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