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Style Squad: Lexi Emerzian

Meet our Style Squad

Hi everyone! My name is Lexi Emerzian, I’m from the Chicago suburbs, and I grew a love for fashion at a young age. At 13, I received my first sewing machine and began taking sewing lessons. From there, I started designing and sewing my own clothes, always inspired by my mom’s classic businesswoman style. I quickly fell in love with the creative process and created a small business brand where I design, sew, and market swimwear. I decided to continue my education in Fashion Design at Kent State with a minor in Business, where I’m currently a sophomore. In the summer of 2022, I interned in Chicago at a wedding and couture shop that allowed me to fully immerse into the fashion industry; I attended photoshoots, hand-sewed, conversed with customers, ran errands, and much more. One thing I am looking forward to is studying abroad in Florence and Paris this upcoming year, where I will be able to see the importance of fashion within different cultures. My favorite stories I’ve created so far as a member of the Style Squad include, Layering Neutrals, Why a Classic Luxury Handbag is Worth the Investment, and Leather on Leather

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