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Style Squad: Sophie Pagano

Meet Our Style Squad

Hello! My name is Sophie Pagano. I am 19 years old and am currently studying Criminology & Criminal Justice alongside Political Communications & Public Advocacy at the University of Maryland- College Park. I am proudly a part of the Style Squad within Shoptrue’s blog, The Inspiration. I have had the privilege to watch this company grow into a platform revolutionizing the fashion world. Despite a major that does not focus on fashion or marketing, I am passionate about popular culture, social media content, and publishing my creations. Within my collections, I strive to combine high-end, red-carpet, and movie-oriented styles into accessible, timeless, and inclusive pieces. This approach is what I aimed for in my Hailey Bieber’s Healthy Vibe & Kate Hudson’s All-Time Best Looks On Screen collections. I am constantly inspired by my fellow Style Squad and will continue to generate personal favorites that reach millions.

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