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Styling My Mom Like Me

Photo by Staff/Mirrorpix/Getty Images

For as long as I can remember, my mom’s closet has always been a go to. I think it’s time she tries out mine. Here are some tops, bottoms, and shoes she might find in my closet that I would love to see her try out.


My moms closet tends to include ruffles, florals, and overall, a more feminine wardrobe than mine. I think if she gave my wardrobe a chance, she would look great in the straight lines, simple patterns, and comfortable materials that are easy to layer, mix-and-match, and broaden outfit options. 


Though my mom can defiantly pull off a skinny jean, a looser fit is by far, much more comfortable. I love my jeans to be simple but have a few fun ones in the mix, and I think she’d love those little details. 


A good sneaker is the best thing in the world. If there is one thing I want my mother to take away from my closet is that cute and comfortable shoes exist! Though I love her collection of high heals and flats and have definitely long-term borrowed a few, I think a good pair of cute sneakers will only benefit her. 

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