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Three Celebs Who Get Daytime Dresses Right, Every Time

Photo by Max Mumber/Indigo/Getty Images, Photo by David Dee Delgado/Getty Images, Photo by Robert Kamau/GC Unages

Sometimes a dress can solve your problems. Take for instance a recent Tuesday: Manhattan for a day-long meeting, a pile of work and a dinner meeting back in Brooklyn. My only choice for lots of walking, lots of sitting and needing to look somewhat pulled together was a simple dress T-shirt dress with low sandals from Zero by Maria Cornejo. The dress is a dependable, one-stop solution when you wake up, look at your closet and say for the thousandth time, “What am I going to wear today?” Here we answer that perennial question in three ways.

1. Office-Approved: Catherine, Princess of Wales

Catherine is a master of this look, and her dresses almost always translate to the office. And she often goes to affordable brands like L.K. Bennet, Boden, &Other Stories and Zara for a modern take on classic shapes. For this shop, we picked dresses with structure and flattering flare at the waist. 

2. Day-to-Night: Alexandra Daddario

Daddario often chooses dresses that have evening elements: a V-neck, emphasis on the waist and flowing fabrics without too much structure. Practical enough for a meeting, but flirty enough for a dinner out.

3. Off-Duty: Emily Ratajkowski

Ratajkowski nails the off-duty dress every time because she keeps the casual vibe of the flowy lines with sneakers and a slouchy bag. For chilly weather a boxy blazer, cowboy boots and neutral ribbed tights make it a year-round staple.

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