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The Denim Guide

Photo by Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Usually when we put together a Denim Guide, we’re running through the same classics every season, which silhouettes fit which body, where the hem should fall, etc., etc. This season there are so many new and new-again shapes (hello, 90s low-rise) that we decided to go deep on four trends: Baggy, Black, Boyfriend and Low-rise. 

The New Chic: The Big Baggy

Best on: Anyone who can play the trend up. This season is about over-size everything, so go with it.
Style trick: Wear them, as the models show below, with classic white sneakers. Think of baggies as a decent replacement (finally) for your pandemic sweats.
Potential downside: We are not sure how long this trend will last, meaning, don’t buy 10 pairs, but baggy always makes its way back so zero in on one or two good pairs from the list below.

A classic with an edge: Black Jeans

Best on: The woman who’s in-the-know but not always jumping on every trend. If you are not sold on the high-trend baggies or low-rises, the classic black jean in a loose fit is back just in time.
Style trick:  Black on black is back. From Jenna Ortega’s goth Wednesday Addams to Kim K’s recent all-black leather look, monochrome here is the way to go. A bright bag stylishly breaks up the noir look.
Potential downside: Stay away from skinny silhouettes, the idea here is to make a statement, so forget the jeggings  and think cargo and trouser silhouettes.

90s throwback: The Low-Rise

Best on: The style-savvy Instagrammer who can rock a bra top under a blazer to work.
Style trick: Embrace the belly-bearing moment. Bra tops, underwear strategically peeking out, it’s all okay with this style. For the more demure among us: tuck in a T-shirt or a light button down, both will accentuate the dropped-waist silhouette.
Potential downside: This style is harder to wear if you have either a rounder or stick body shape. In the first case the jeans want to ride up, in the second they want to fall down.   

A Staple Piece: Boyfriend Jeans

Best on: Anyone who just wants a good core item that will always give you a pass. It’s not having a moment like the three styles above, but that’s the point with the boyfriend. It’s a classic that never goes out of style.
Style trick: Given the lack of new factor, wear these with a blazer, an oversized sweater or a crisp button-down. They are not the star of the show, but a good, dependable supporting player.
Potential downside: Because they are such a staple, sometimes they look a little worn out. Now’s the time to buy a new pair and convert your old ones to work jeans.

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