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Getting Undone To Get Done-up: The Naked Dressing Trend

Photo by Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

This trend is for the bold: slips are worn as outer layer, bra tops are the new crop tops and underpants are no longer actually worn “under pants.” Welcome to the naked dressing trend which is everywhere on social media. If you’re struggling to style it, or just want to try, here are five ideas on the modest side

Go Monochrome

This is for the fearful. When in doubt, stick to one color and style around one piece, here for example, a bra-top under a blazer. Because it’s all one color the effect is less revealing and if you are feeling more demure you can always button the blazer up.

Start With a Sheer, and Layer

Bust out that mesh top that’s been lurking in the back of your closet since last summer. Layer with a bra underneath and you’re done. Mesh is no longer seasonal, and we’re loving this versatility.

Level up Your Lace

Lace is a sophisticated way to try this trend. Whether it’s used subtly as a trim, or is the star of the outfit, a dainty hint of it will instantly up-level your look. 

Make it Matchy Matchy

This is one is for the brave: Start with a matching lingerie set and add a subtle, see-through layer. Take your favorite bra and panty set that previously might have been seen by only a select audience and wear it underneath a sheer slip (as shown in the picture) or a matching sheer or mesh top and skirt in a similar color. Add an overcoat for warmth (and public transportation).

Emphasize the Undies

We’ve all got that comfortable high waisted pair of panties, or the sexy pair that rides high on the hips. There’s no need to hide them, let the lace peek-out and your underwear will be the finishing touch that takes you from “eh” to elevated.

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