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The Wellness Shop

There was a time, in the 80s, when the only fitness-adjacent item in every woman’s closet was a pair of black leggings. The 80s gave us so, so many things we are thankful for (neon windbreakers, example one, are having a Barbie-core moment right now) but the black legging is not one of these and for decades it remained a go-to for moms to throw on with a billowy shirt-dress. Then a few years ago, came Kylie Jenner with her bike shorts and bra tops and Hailey Bieber in head-to-toe stretch and a new era began. Brands offering full on closets of fitness-meets-street popped up and now we are in peak wellness-wear. We love it for lounging, coffee dates, or just hanging out with friends because it perfectly blends fashion and functionality. From vibrant leggings that hug your curves in all the right places to breathable tops that keep you cool and dry, embrace the power of chic activewear and experience the connection between fashion, fitness, and wellness. 

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