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Want to Dress Like The Cast of Outer Banks? Here’s How:

Courtesy of OBX Instagram

Season 3 is here, and while some can’t wait to see how certain love triangles play out, what treasure the crew will pursue next, or how John B will cope with learning that a long-lost relative is alive (we’re treading lightly, and hope not to spoil), we’re eager to see what everyone’s wearing. The new season premiere in combination with the unseasonably warm weather out East yesterday makes us hopeful for an early Spring, and gets us excited about our Summer wardrobes. We’re using the go-with-the-flow, effortlessly striking, breezy looks worn by our favorite characters as inspiration, and if you’re looking to do the same, here’s where to start. 

Courtesy of OBX Instagram

Sarah Cameron

Sarah doesn’t exactly have the time to sit down and meticulously put an outfit together, but if she did, we think they’d look something like these. She’s mastered the balance between femininity and masculinity, between soft and hard. Most of the time, you’ll catch her wearing something that could take her from a chill day at the beach to a high speed chase in pursuit of the bad guys. She loves anything crochet or knit, denim cutoffs, and accessories that scream “shore girl,” but not the kind of shore girl her family wants her to be, rather, the kind her chosen family, the pouges, know she is. 

Courtesy of OBX Instagram


Kiara’s got an edge, and her style can best be described as tomboy-boho chic. We think Kie would be a thrift store aficionado, as most of her pieces feel nostalgic and vintage, but she’s always able to modernize them in the way she styles them. This leading lady is usually found wearing more subdued tones, chunky, statement-making accessories, and either her favorite strappy sandals when taking a day off from saving her friends, or her comfiest pair of sneakers with an ankle sock when she’s on the move. 

Courtesy of OBX Instagram

John B

While John B tends to mix it up in the accessories department (puka shells, backpacks, and sunglasses) there are a few pieces you’ll catch him wearing 24/7: a printed short sleeve button up shirt, straight leg blue jeans that he usually cuffs at the bottom, and a good old pair of Chuck Taylors. His shirts range in a variety of fabrics and patters, his denim usually tends to be a medium wash, and as long as the shoes are made by Converse, they’re John B approved. 

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