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The White Lotus Style Guide

Photo courtesy of HBO

If you’re anything like most people, you are likely obsessing over HBO’s Season 2 of The White Lotus. While you may not have the Italian Riviera on your itinerary, the glam, drama and carefree summer vibe of the hotel guests is the perfect fix for your winter wardrobe blahs. Go for the confidence of Daphne’s bold prints or Lucia’s new-found sexy glitz. Pick your favorite character below and use this style guide to say Arrivederci! to seasonal grays and blacks. 


Daphne’s style remains consistent throughout the season. She’s confident and her outfits prove that. She wears exciting prints, cool sets, and can pull anything off. 

Photo courtesy of HBO


Portia’s style can best be defined as confusing. She’s young and still figuring out who she is, and her outfits show this. The colors are bright and the accessories are mismatched. 

Photo courtesy of HBO


Lucia has a ‘Pretty Woman’ moment as we see her style evolve. Her outfits range from cheap and clashing to sparkly and expensive as the season progresses. We see Mia and Lucia wear the designer dresses they marveled over in episode 1, once they have access to money later on. 

Photo courtesy of HBO


Tanya’s Season 2 style is full of florals and oversized sunglasses. She is draped in flowy fabrics and somewhat impractical heels. Radiating elegance, while also incorporating a little bit of camp, this style is my personal favorite. 


Photo courtesy of HBO

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